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Online Group Pilates

Live, online group classes are an easy and convenient way to stay on track with your fitness goals from home.  Simply get your mat out, log in to your Zoom session, and start moving — no commute time, no traffic, no rush.  We offer two different programs, “Core Fit” and “Strength and Balance” online group classes. 

Core Fit
-Live Online -

Strength & Balance
-Live Online -

Core Fit classes offer both a cardiovascular and a strength challenge for all levels of Pilates skill.  Following a circuit format, short sets of mat exercises will be done within a set timeframe.  Props can include mini stability balls, flex bands, and hand weights. Progressions ensure students of any level can participate.

The objective of Strength & Balance classes is to develop depth and quality of movement. The class will focus on core strength and body alignment for better balance and improved posture. Emphasis will be on proper form, breathing, and coordination.



Individual & Duo Sessions

Individual sessions are custom tailored especially for you. If you are beginning your pilates journey, recovering from an injury, or are experienced and striving to reach the next level, individual sessions give you personal attention and a custom plan to ensure you reach your goals.


Duo sessions are shared with a friend with a similar fitness level and goals, cost less per session than for a Solo appointment, and you'll have a workout buddy to help you stay motivated, encourage you, and progresses with you at the same pace.

InConcert Pilates Pricing

Live Online Monthly
Class Subscription

4 Classes for $60

8 Classes for $96

12 Classes for $115

Individual Private

60 Minutes for $95

5 Sessions for $400

10 Sessions for $750

Duo Private*

60 Minutes for $65

5 Sessions for $138

10 Sessions for $260

*prices per person

Individual and Duo
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